Back then, every wall of the house used to be painted white, the wood dark and the rattan varnished. Indonesia, tropical and full of contrasts, is evolving quickly. And just as the environment, the arts and the scale of homes has evolved, so have I.

Simply Stated

The Works of Prasetio Budhi, published in 2014, with Photographer Peter Tjahjadi and Art Director Lian Ng.


PlusDesign was founded in 2003 by Prasetio Budhi. Prasetio is a graduate at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA. Since inception, the practice has grown substantially and has attracted many high profile clients across residential, retail and commercial platforms. Based in Indonesia, PlusDesign’s objective is to bring world class design to every project.

in Andrew Martin

Selected in an annual best Interior Design Review by Andrew Martin 2015. Showcasing interior designers from around the globe with their finest works.


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